Turbo Charging is an EXCELLENT alternative to the traditional big cubic inch, high compression, big cam engine upgrade that is also traditionally not very user friendly. A Trask Performance Turbo system will give you greater power increases with FAR MORE RIDE-ABILITY for generally around the same cost or less. Here is some basic information on turbo charging. Hopefully it will help you understand why turbo charging is a great way to make smooth reliable horsepower.

Why do people turbo charge their motorcycles, cars, trucks, and airplanes?

Why do people drive well over 100 mph when the sign says 65? It is simply for the thrill and rush, the love of speed and power; power that is always there at the twist of the wrist. Turbo charging your motorcycle can easily achieve 50% increase in horsepower, if not more. If you plan on increasing the horsepower over 50%, typically the engine will need internal requirements and additional fuel delivery requirements. If you plan on turbo charging your motorcycle, you must purchase a kit that is well thought out and thoroughly tested.

How does a turbocharger work?

Here is a general rundown. The engine produces exhaust gases that exit via the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. These gases flow through the exhaust manifold into a turbocharger unit as the exhaust gases enter the turbine housing. The velocity of the exhaust gases spools (spins) a propeller blade type of wheel, called the turbine wheel. As this turbine wheel begins to spin, it turns and drives a common shaft. This shaft has another propeller type wheel, called the compressor wheel, on the other end. The compressor stage of the turbo begins to suck air in as the compressor wheel begins to spool. The compressor wheel spools faster and faster and the air becomes compressed, charged air. The faster the wheels spin, the faster the shaft speed, thus, the greater pressure.

From the compressor stage of the turbine, the charged air exits at a greater velocity and makes its way to the intake side of the engine, through an intercooler, or simply the intake plumbing. An intercooler is a huge heat exchanger, which is like a radiator, but for air. It cools the intake air temperature as it enters the engine. Because intercoolers have to be so large in size to work to their full potential, it is often hard, if not impossible, to plumb an intercooler to the side of a motorcycle, without hurting the overall appearance of the motorcycle. As more air is forced into the motor, an additional amount of fuel must also be added. The amount of fuel must be proportionate with the amount of air that is supplied to the motor. More air, plus more fuel, equals more power

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